One on One Art by Nicole Small

 Hi and welcome!

I am a fine art photographer and self-portrait artist based in Montreal, Canada. This is my personal space where I share my personal thoughts, creative ideas, projects I am working on, portrait sessions and promotions, personal creative challenges, successes and failures and my progression as an artist.

After many years working in the world of fashion photography, I decided to move on from the superficial world that I began to dislike both creatively technically and morally. I wanted to photograph emotions that were real and showcase images that others could relate to and feel.

Having realized that I was nowhere near what I really wanted to photograph, which is authenticity, raw emotion and true character, I knew I had to make a change.

Now today, specializing in black and white portraiture, as it has been done since the beginning of the photographic era, as well as other creative processes which I use mostly for my creative and personal work.

In essence, I love photographing people! Whether the goal of a portrait is to be a creative one or not, I am passionate and care about capturing personalities, raw emotion and expressions which in my opinion is what a portrait is all about.


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