Alfred V Desjardins I am very opened hearted to collaboration, as this allows me to meet others artists, find inspiration and develop new thought processes and skills. When I work with others I always make sure they are credited and what is agreed upon in terms of working together is honored.

I have done many projects, payed and non payed but regardless of either, terms should  remain the same and be honored. Yes, I am venting out on a recent experience I had in collaborating on a project.

Throughout the holidays,(the worst time to plan an important shoot in my opinion!) I embarked on a project, ( a project  I was asked through GOOGLE+ from the art/creative director that was in charge of arranging everything for the shoot 2 days before because their original photographer had cancelled. ), in which not all that was told to me in terms of how the images would be used was honored. Don’t get me wrong the talent for whom this project was for was amazing, very kind-hearted and a joy to work with along with the crew, but in the end it seemed as though my work was all for nothing.

A video was created of the day  and Images I had taken were to be placed in that video. …the video was created…none of my images but that of the videographer/photographer who was also on set.

The desired look of the images were to have a high-end retouch look. I am not a photo shop guru, but I know how to work with Photoshop. I am not one to really want to dive into Photoshop and manipulate images to perfection, but if a client desires a particular look where that is needed, that is what I will do. In my case, I was sent an image of  how the  images were to be retouched. Looking at the image, I could clearly see that it was not a one click Photoshop action that was used.

As I said before, I am not a Photoshop guru and if any of you know about dodging and burning, you would know that it can be a long process. I was hounded for the images and explained that if the images are to be received in the way it was requested, it will take time. I am not a pro retoucher and I work full-time which means I do not spend my days in front of a computer!

After the hounding and finally delivery of the images, they were not even placed in the video. Most of my images were not even in the lime light of the website. This may sound like a competitive thing, but it is not. I just hate when things are not honored especially when you are willingly dedicating your time to a project.

I had to vent and let it out. Thanks for those who read all the way through!



  1. It’s good to let it all out. A rant is definitely one of the best ways to do it! I think most photographers who’ve collaborated at some point, have been in your shoes. It’s never pleasant and almost always a slap in the face. This is our passion, our little piece of joy and when someone places unnecessary stress into the mix with ridiculous hounding and hassling, it can make photography a tedious activity. Things take time, especially if professional results are requested! It’s unfortunate that your hard work wasn’t used in the final presentation…which is even more of an insult. I’m sure you put your heart into it though and the results were awesome!


    • Thanks Mike!I really appreciate your thoughts and your reply. A few friends of mine keep telling me to stop doing projects for free…but it’s hard sometimes as you said, photography is our passion. We always learn from something, and I know that I will defiantely be more picky on what I decide to take on as collaborations. It might sound mean in saying that, but again as you mentioned it is never pleasant getting a slap in the face.
      Thanks for listening!


  2. I’d love to learn from you. You’re fantastic. I hope to collaborate with some hot photographers this summer. I have so much to learn. I’ve been shooting some local models and love fashion photography. Too bad I live in the boonies.


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