The Telephone Tag Project

I was inspired recently by a video I saw in reference to personal projects. The project is called “Pass It On” which was inspired by Sony.The idea of this project is to create a chain reaction of image creation from one initial image.                                                       

The Telephone Tag Project

How it happens:

One photographer takes an initial image, ( something that is meaningful to them).That image would be passed on to another photographer, and so on and so on.  The goal would be to find inspiration from the image received and then create an image from that. I think this is such a wonderful project idea which will allow one to come out of their comfort zone and challenge their own creativity! I love challenges!

Would you want to participate? I am looking for 5  film photographers who would be interested in this project. If you are please contact me, (, and I will be able to send more details in regards to how and when we will begin. 




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