Lumen Prints – Part 4

Lumen Prints – Part 4

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In the beginning, I thought the paper that I was using with this technique was a “specialized” paper of some sort because of the light orange color tint I noticed the paper had. Thinking this was the case and wanted to be sure, I contacted Joterman Otero /(lumen_box), to find out exactly what paper it was that I was using. To my surprise, it was expired glossy paper from Ilford.

Once my lot of expired paper had finished, I decided to go with the regular paper I normally use which is Ilford’s pearl paper. In general I have never been a fan of glossy paper for any kind of print making because of the glare you get when not placed under the right lighting conditions.

With that being said, I am always one to question, ” what if?” to any creative pursuit, and was curious to see how other papers might work out.

In my first comparison below, I placed side by side the expired glossy paper and the pearl paper, (that was not expired). You may not see it here very clearly, but I did notice a smoother finish to that of the one used with the expired paper or perhaps I should say glossy paper. Looking at the example used with Ilford’s pearl paper, you can see more of a mottled like finish.

My Comparison:



How about going a step further and trying a different paper? Here you can see a third addition to the initial comparison above. The third image was created with Ilford’s satin paper which gives an even more distinct mottled like finish than Ilford’s pearl paper.





Having done these tests, I think overall I will use Ilford’s glossy paper but will consider the other paper options for specific sets and lighting conditions.


For Inspiration, visit lumen_box on Instagram    

Still to follow: Lumen Prints- part 5




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