“Me As Another”

I have new challenge ahead of me and I am not sure if I am happy about it or not. Strange I know…..because I love taking on challenges.


Unfortunately, this challenge I need to face is one that had hit me hard emotionally.  I don’t really want to get into it too tough, but it seems that I had fooled myself to believe that I would be able to run away from an honorable past and a particular state of being.

Memories of my emotional and creative breakdown…with a fork in the road, seeing one path before me that would lead me to allowing myself to creatively wilt away at the expense of things that were beyond my control and seeing another path before me which was to make a decision to sucker-up and take charge of my own creative destiny.

So here I am with this book of memories/sketches of all my conceptual ideas which have been pre-visualized as I the photographer and another as the subject. Everything has changed now and  I think I am ok with it.


Reviewing these ideas hurts, it hurts because it takes me back to that point where I almost lost myself. Still today I have trouble accepting the fact that these ideas no longer exist as they were meant to be, and the thought of trying to get them back to what they were planned out to be….does not work for me emotionally or creatively anymore.

I made a creative decision, that is no joke, it’s just me and my camera now.

Let’s face it, it is the only way that I would be able to make my ideas come to life and to continue to do what I love so much.

All of my conceptual pieces will be untitled but grouped under one umbrella, ” Me As Another”. A challenge yes but a direction that will play to the end.








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