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In the month of March 2017, I had posted a video of portrait photographer Luis Plácido López Caballero which showed him going through his whole creative process from start to finish when he photographs a portrait using a large format camera. Whenever I view this presentation, it makes me want to do just the same. I invite you to take a look at his website.

So here I am six months later taking in that inspiration and putting it in to practice. I have not used this precious baby in a long while so before heading out, I decided to play around a little to get the feel of the camera and its functionality. Having been working with the pinhole camera quite extensively, it was an adjustment.

For these test images, I used natural light and black and white photo paper, ( Ilford glossy paper). I won’t be using paper for my final images though, I will be working with Ilford FP4 Plus film.


I am very excited and looking forward to my vacation which will be in a weeks time.

Have you been wanting to try something that you have been inspired by and haven’t  done it yet? I say go for it!


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