Portrait – Large Format (post one)

Summer is coming to an end and I had made myself a promise. Before this summer is to end, I will have photographed at least one person outdoors using my large format camera.



This is not a comparison or debate but there is no Photoshop, filters or actions used in this process which means there is a lot of love that goes into every step.

So what does it mean when someone says large format?

Here is a video that I have posted before and know I should post again because maybe you might have missed it the first time. In this video an 8×10 camera is used but I will be using a 4×5 camera. The workflow and time invested remains the same:

Portrait- Large Format


Will you be the one to be photographed? Send me a DIRECT message, (info@oneononeart.com) with your name and email address and include a few words on why you would like to be the one I have been looking for.

Near mid September, there will be a live raffle and announcement of the lucky one!


(This is my last call out for Montreal! One on One Art by Nicole Small will be forwarding all its passion and desire to create, collaborate and educate into the hands out West).


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